Lovejoy Manufactured Homes

Manufactured homes are considered to be any home that is constructed at a factory, then delivered and assembled after completion.  They can come single, double, or triple-wide.  They are sometimes referred to as mobile homes.

There are many advantages of manufactured homes!  Here are a few:

  1. They can be placed on slabs with concrete piers instead of basements, which are much cheaper in cost.  
  2. They are not required to be set on a permanent foundation, so if in the future you wish to move the home to another location, it can be moved.  
  3. Stick-built homes are built in the elements, so there are weather delays and issues that modules built indoors do not have to contend with. 

Below you will find the current listing of Manufactured Homes available at Lovejoy Manufactured and Modular Homes Sales.

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28ft Skyliner Series

32ft Skyliner Series