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The inventory on Lovejoy's lot is individually hand selected for its quality, layout, and price point.  All of the homes are manufactured in the mid-west.  Any homes sold are delivered by our top notch crew and set to HUD code.  If you like a home, but it is sold or you would like some modifications to the design, it can be ordered with your own selected color and style and modifications that are available.  We are also able to order most of the homes on the lot as modular homes for an additional cost, designed to be put on a basement.

What is the "Lovejoy Value Added Package"?

All of the homes we sell come with added features you will not see at other companies that are above and beyond the basic features that come from the manufacturer.  These are features that are part of the listed price of the home and include:

  • Kitchen appliances
  • Central air-conditioning 
  • Guttering on all double-wide homes
  • Basic steps
  • Upgraded insulation package
  • 2x6 Exterior walls
  • Extra exterior faucet on front and back
  • Extra exterior outlet on front and back
  • Delivery of home to lot and set up


We have Skyline/Champion, Schult, Clayton, and Genesis homes on the lot to view right now.  Come in for a walk-through today! Click on the links below to see the floorplans and more information about the inventory before you visit. If you have questions before visiting and would like a call, fill out the form on the Contact link and someone will be in touch with you.  

Doublewide Homes:

Champion Flagstone 76x28 4 bed 2 bath

Genesis Angelina 32x60 3 bed 2 bath

Schult Lifestyle single 207 3 bed 2 bath

Schult Legacy 327 3 bed 2 bath with office

Skyline A700 Contemporary Cabin 1 bed 1 bath

Skyline Galaxy 28x56 4 bed 2 bath

Skyline Lexington 28x44 with porch 2 bed 2 bath

Skyline Lexington 28x56 3 bed 2 bath

Skyline Skyliner 28x60 3 bed 2 bath

Skyline Lexington 32x64 3 bed 2 bath

Skyline Prairie Dune 32x60 3 bed 2 bath 

Skyline Prairie Dune 28x60 3 bed 2 bath 

Clayton Pulse 6616-711 Single-wide

Clayton Schult Patriot Roosevelt 5828-2022 28x58 3 bed 2 bath 


Champion Dutch Housing Summit 28x64 4 bed 2 bath

Schult Washington Patriot 28x56 3 bed 2 bath

Champion Enterprise 30x58 3 bed 2 bath

Clayton The Pulse American Made 28x72 3 bed 2 bath

Champion 1672-205 Single-wide 2 bed 2 bath

Champion Dutch Housing Diamond 28x56 3 bed 2 bath

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